5 Tips To Protect Your Skin And Hair This Holi

1. Apply Cold Cream / Sunscreen

Apply cold cream or oil on all the exposed parts. This makes your skin greasy and slippery preventing colors from settling down skin deep. Also apply a thick layer of waterproof sunscreen lotion before stepping out. This is advised because, playing Holi outdoors under the sun, with harsh chemical induced colors can very well be a cause for getting severe tan.

2. Apply Nail Paint

Apply a thick coat of dark nail paint, preferably the darkest colour possible, and remove it after playing Holi.

3. Apply Coconut Oil On Hairs

It is always better to wash your hair a day before Holi. Later, all you’ve got to do is to apply a layer of coconut oil on your hair and roots as it will prevent it from getting dry and frizzy.

4. Vaseline

Rather than using regular lip balms, make sure you use vaseline on your lips as its texture is thick and will work for a longer period of time. Apart from this, you can apply vaseline on the neck, back of ears and between fingers too.

5. Apply Hair Gel

Applying hair gel is another highly recommended option to counter the harmful effects of colors, as the greasy and oily nature of gel doesn’t allow colors to stick on your hair and can be washed off easily later

Checkout the video for more skincare tips for holi: Youtube Channel


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